กรกฎาคม 09, 2022


The International 1MIN4PEACE organization invites you to join a mega planetary meditation online.

Let us all unite and meditate together in a Global Meditation to send Peace and Love to all life on the planet in a common spirit of fraternity with people of all cultures and all beliefs.

Depending on his availability, this Planetary Meditation will be guided by an Exceptional Guest from Japan, Maitreya RAEL, Spiritual Leader of the International Raelian Movement.

In 2012, Maitreya RAEL, Spiritual Leader of the International Raelian Movement, inspired and launched the “One Minute for Peace” campaign based on this idea : “What we think, what we express, and what we feel influence everything on Earth. By sending waves of peace and love through our powerful transmitter which is our brain, we have the power to pacify this planet.”

Our purpose is to increase harmony, unity, and peace on earth

The more numerous we are, the more positive impact it will have in pulling our humanity towards Peace, so please feel free to invite anyone you know to join in for 30mns.



The meditation which will last about 30mins will be held on Saturday, July 9th, simultaneously all over the world, at 08:00 A.M UTC (see time zone below):

Los Angeles time: 01:00h
Mexico time: 03:00h
New York time: 04:00h
Montreal time: 04:00h
Rio de Janeiro time:05:00h
Abidjan time: 07:00h
London time: 09:00h
Paris time: 10:00h
Moscow time: 11:00h
Delhi time: 13:30h
Bangkok, Jakarta time: 15:00h
Beijing time: 16:00h
Tokyo time: 17:00h
Sydney time: 18:00h

*Translations will be available



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And for any further information:[email protected]


Humanity is counting on you!

International 1min4peace Organization



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